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Do you believe, aside from basic human needs (shelter, water, social needs, etc.) that "Love is all [we] need"?
I just wanted to share a little story to the community.

Several years ago, when I was in my early teens, my family and I were on our way to San Francisco. As we pull up into the toll booth before the bridge, the operator gives us this surprised but happy look and says that a woman some cars ahead of us paid for the toll of many cars behind us. I remember being touched by this - very touched, even though it something so small. He also told us that the woman wanted to say: "You're beautiful". My parents joked about who the lady must've been talking to (..I don't know if they realized it was platonic or not :P I can never tell with them). We drove off, and eventually caught up to the car that paid for us. We honked at her, waved, and went on our way. We chatted on about it for a little bit, but I think they might've forgotten about it.
I haven't.
It is one of the most memorable experiences of my life. I think it's one of the major reasons why I'm such a silly sap who's bent on generosity. I love small acts of kindness like that. I think it's very touching :D

Anyways. To those who drive: Try that sometime :) It's not too expensive and it can make such a difference.

Junk Mail

Something I made today. :) It's just something I found a bit thought provoking.
I encourage you to make something similar, about ANYTHING that is interesting you/provoking you to think right now.


So I've decided to organise a knitting challenge amongst my real life and online friends. We're going to knit 6x6 squares of knitting, any style, as long as it's reasonably durable wool, ie not feathery, and they're going to send them to me and I'll sew them together into blankets to donate to the world vision knitting appeal we have here. I think it's about time I try and do a little more for this sort of thing, and why not try and involve other people in it if I can't do it myself?

If anyone's interested in the knitting challenge you can find us here in an unrelated creativity forum.

This is a comic that I think you'd like.
Volume 3 should be coming out soon. Basically, people write a page about what's on their mind, scan it, and send it in. Every day one gets posted. Some of it is really deep, and almost all of it is interesting in some way or another.

Sep. 28th, 2007

What, do you think, is the greatest human trait?
What makes us "separate" from animals?

I personally believe that it's our ability to feel compassion for things that don't directly affect us, or our survival. It's one of our best "human features", I think.

Discussion Post

I've heard the statistic that "1% of the world owns 99% of the world's wealth".
I don't know if this statistic is true (I'm often cynical of statistics...),  but the thought of it doesn't make it me happy.
That's not the point of this post, however. The point is: Would you be willing to give some things up to allow other, less fortunate people, have a chance?

What are you feelings on affirmative action?
What if a less qualified student got into your dream school because of their race?
Is this okay?

My Social Justice teacher's ex-husband (...I know, it kinda sounds like one of those "my friend's sister's step dad's uncle...") didn't get into Stanford during the affirmative action time, but his hispanic friend with lesser grades did. He had a 4.0, an awesome GPA, and was valedictorian. He said that in the end, it was okay.
The argument was this - in the end, who will come out better? Perhaps the ex-husband, because he has the knowledge, study skills, work ethic, etc. to succeed. Perhaps affirmative action is just a boost.
Affirmative action also benefited women in the work place.

The UC system has about 1% African Americans, but during the era of affirmative action, might have had maybe 7%.

So, what are you feelings on affirmative action? Do you have any facts? Ideas? Anything?

(Note: My information on affirmative action comes from the english teacher, who I trust to have researched this.)

todays generation

i know that it is odd to have someone who is part of this group to be writing about it, but i think that really, people who are a part of the group would really have the most experiance in it, and therefore the best person to talk about it. this generation (at least in my country) seems very self absorbed. i wish that more people my age cared about what went on around them...a lot of my friends dont even bother to know whats going on in the world. i think that young people should be more aware of the world around them. and more involved. its not just global issues that young people seem too lack concern for. they seem to not care about anything...though that is a very general statement. Definitly not all young people are like that. but that is the stereotype right now. i think young people should work towards trying to change the stereotype...but thats just my personal opinion.
Er, so, that's it for announcements. I guess I'll be the first post...example o_o

My Opinions
So, I don't necessarily think that EVERYONE *has* to do something, because that's way too unrealistic.
However, I do think that we should all care enough to support causes with donations (however small), and votes.
Even caring, just caring, is enough for me at this point. Small steps first, right?

So, I live in what I call "The Suburbia of All Suburbias", and am a senior in high school. Although I'm generally very pessimistic about things and people, I know that there are people out there who feel that there's more to life than ugg boots and mini skirts. It's the people that know nothing more that worry me.

What am I doing?
I'm the president of Uganda Club, two years running now (*Insert club-geek grin*). It's a club that raises money for the Kathleen Education Project, an organization that is currently building a school for orphans in Uganda. The organization also supports some orphans by paying for their education, and even training for their job and college if they want it.
I joined the club my Sophmore year, and am completely dedicated to it.
With a generous match of 3,200 dollars, last year we raised in total 6,400 dollars.
This is compared to the 1,000 that had been raised in previous years...
The organization is somewhat small, and was created after it's founder (Of whom is getting old, but still going around visiting and traveling to Uganda) retired.

What I plan to do

I desperately want to go to Uganda and visit the actual school and kids that I helped support, however, my parent's won't let me because of the troubles in northern Uganda.
So, I guess that trip will be saved for some time during college, when I can legally go...
I'm also interested in joining the Peace Corps, or some type of organization that takes you abroad to do volunteer work.
Also, I think it'd be awesome to make a soup kitchen for the homeless someday. I'm awfully cheesy like that.

Also: In case you haven't seen it, I highly suggest buying the Invisible Children DVD. Maybe it's because I'm pathetic, but I nearly cried...o_o; Right.

Anyways. That's about it. I'll post updates on my club, or whatever I think of later on.

Moderator, Layout

I'd really like to find another moderator, maybe two if there's two really qualified people.
I've never made a community before, so I figure I'll need some help...

If you'd like to be a moderator, please comment with the following:

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If you can make a nice layout, or know how to code one, please email the community email at wedocarelj@gmail.com
If no one volunteers, I'll do it myself in a few days.