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Information, FYI.

About This Community

This community is here for people to join and post as they please about, basically, any issue you wish.
You don't even have to post. You can join if you simply believe that people should care more (:

Please read this post!

Things such as the following are acceptable topics: (You are NOT limited to only these things!)
I realize we'll have mixed opinions on each issue, so, if you're against it, I ask that you simply not comment in the person's post.

- Homelessness
- Poverty (All over the world, even in your own country)
- Orphan, adoption and foster home issues
- Global warming
- Famines, world hunger
- Issues involving natural disasters (Katrina, the Tsunami, etc.)
- Human rights violations
- Rallies
- Genocides

Topics do not have to be current, and please avoid politics as much as possible.

Here are some suggestions as to WHAT to post:

- Your feelings on why the youth of today (Even if you're a youngin' yourself, as I am), doesn't seem to care. Or, if you feel that more kids care than we think, you can post that as well!
- Links to organizations involving your issue
- Ideas on how to solve your issues
- Questions on what you can do to help
- Stories of what you've done to help, or what you've seen
- Plans on what you want to do in the future
- Why you think the issue exists
- A drawing or photo that involves an issue (Please include these under the cut)

The Rules

- AVOID politics! If your issue is directly involved with any political party, please avoid posting about it!
- If you disagree or don't believe any issue is an actual issue, I suggest you avoid commenting to avoid argument. This is a place where people can talk to other people about issues that they think need attention - not a place to debate whether or not something exists, or is a problem.
- Post long posts and large pictures under a cut.
Avoid swearing. I don't care if you swear occasionally, but some members can be sensitive to it.
- Do not advertise other communities that have nothing to do with us.
- I will probably post something about abortion rights, and gay/lesbian rights sometime in the future.
No one is allowed to post on those two topics except me. They are topics that MANY people disagree with, and it can easily offend. I'll only allow it when I'm there to watch every post.


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